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A Natural Approach to Healing

Heal your body, naturally. I’m an experienced , Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapy Practitioner and a  firm believer in a holistic approach to healing. We are made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved in all 3 .... Balance!

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My Holistic Services

Complementary Health Treatments

I am a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapy Practitioner and founder of "RE"! I specializing in multiple modalities of holistic treatments . I regard each client as a whole organic being , Mind Body and Spirit , rather than an illness or a set of symptoms. I believe in listening and nurturing, rather than "Cookie cutter" one size fits all therapy! Get in touch with me today to start healing your mind, body, and Spirit .
"Restore your health, Energize your Life..... "Re"think your therapy!

Deep Tissue Massage

Natural Healing

 Deep Tissue Massage therapy,  for those client that need a little extra pressure to work out the trouble. I tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs and use a variety to techniques/tools.


Balance Your Chi

Reflexology  treatments are designed to address the entire body on the feet and hands.By applying pressure to specific points, we can effect every system of the body . This treatment can also be added to any other treatment for added bonus


Trigger Point Therapy

An Ancient Science

Trigger Point Therapy is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Massage Therapy Practitioner, I help patients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments.

Sports Massage Therapy

From  Weekend Warriors - Pros

 At "RE" , Sports Massage is one of our signature treatments. We are Result oriented and have extensive experience with treating athletes of all calibers! Pro's to weekend warriors , injury recovery to pain management. We will tailor design your treatment plan. Pre - event warm ups , Game Time Action Or Post -Event cool down... Rethink your therapy...!!!!

* inquire about our group /club rates about 

Therapeutic Stretch and Flexibility Training

 Breathe and Release

Therapeutic stretch and flexibility training can be an intricate piece in the pain management puzzle.Increase flexibility with coordinated therapeutic breathing and both active and passive stretching. An increase in your range of motion can equal a  decrease in pain and risk of injury.

 Reiki Energy Treatments

An Ancient Science

 Reiki is a Japenese technique for balancing "CHI" (energy) throughout the body. Reiki promotes deep healing by affecting the mind, body and spirit.

Continuing Education Provider

Knowledge is Power

In need of CEU's ?

 As a NCBTMB class A Continuing Education Approved provider #1376. We offer a variety of " Hands on "  Continuing Education Courses. Energetic instruction , one on one personal attention , combined with innovative practical experience.... Let "Re" provide your classes ...We live to inspire you to REthink Therapy.

I provide therapy in a new way. Call me today . Let me help you REthink therapy.

Get in Touch


For more information about "RE" Physiotherapy - our program, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043



"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


About Myself

I’ve been a professional Massage Therapy Practitioner since 1998. After years of training with other like-minded experts, I‘ve learned to share my experience through a combination of service and education. I’m a passionate healer with an alternative approach, and I’m dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

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